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I love to
write things.

Well, what did you expect
from a web copywriter?

I’m Jen, here for all your online copywriting needs. Nice to meet you.

I do all sorts of stuff, from SEO to social media, and clear, concise communication is my thing. If it’s your thing too, we should chat. I can come to yours or we can make this a long distance relationship that works – it’s your call*.

*Literally. My number is 07891972423.

  • Web copy and SEO
  • Social media and blog development
  • Community management
  • Online articles
  • Branding
  • Editing

Who have I
worked with?

I write a weekly blog post for Matalan, focusing on new collections, seasonal trends and everyday situations. I develop a new topic each week and incorporate items available on the Matalan website to encourage purchasing. The posts are optimised for search and promoted through social networks.

I was part of a team tasked with writing the HSBC Business Banking website. I wrote product copy with a focus on SEO and helped make the site more accessible, with a simpler navigation and clear call to actions.

I worked across all media for The Open University – from web copy and social games to TV scripts and press ads. I helped develop a bespoke tone of voice and unique selling points for the brand. The work I created for The Open University has won numerous awards.

I helped Kellogg’s build a social presence for the Crunchy Nut brand by working with young people to create rich content for their Facebook page – we developed a community through updates, photos and videos. We started with zero likes, and now the page has over 100,000.

I worked with a team of young people to spread the word of Vue’s Teen Screen offering through social networks. My team used Facebook to give away 500 free cinema tickets, utilising their networks to create a social buzz around these special showings for teenagers.

I managed the recruitment of BBC Three’s research panel. I searched for young people across the UK who had an interest in the media and were active online. I interviewed and briefed potential panelists to ensure they met strict BBC standards.

I worked across the board for FTPE, developing copy for print, TV, radio, web and social. I helped the brand move away from their traditional tone and developed a friendlier, more sociable voice for them.

I’ve written for Company Magazine’s High Street Edit, providing relatable, engaging copy for their print edition.

I rewrote the Keycamp brand, creating their brand guidelines, developing a new look and feel and writing everything from brochures to their website. I helped distinguish the brand from every other travel company by giving them a truly unique tone of voice.

I wrote copy for the Bravissimo brand and helped develop the brand identity for their clothing range, Pepperberry. I’ve also worked with Bravissimo through my blog, creating search-friendly social content.

I was lead copywriter on the Halifax Share Builder account. I wrote all their promotional material and developed concepts for new products and services.

Whatever you want – from web copy to community management – I can help. Want to see your logo here? Let’s talk.

I’m rather good at getting
your attention, aren’t I?

And that’s exactly why you should hire me. I’m pretty proud of my ability to catch attention and keep it – I write a blog that 20,000 people a month find fascinating, and more than 2,000 people think my tweets are worth reading.

My blog posts for Matalan are the most-read on the site, HSBC and The Open University love the websites I wrote for them and Google rates my SEO. If you need any more convincing, request my portfolio and see for yourself.

But enough about me. What do you want?